What is a food swap?

A food swap is a community event where people get together to share home made, home grown and foraged foods.

Share what you’ve made with others
Meet some lovely new people
Fill up your basket with a range of fresh locally made foods.

How does it work?

Join the community, Get involved, Book & Attend Swap Exchanges & Have Fun Swapping Home-Made Goods!

1.Arrive and display your goods. Bring some samples too!
2.Sample other peoples creations.
3.SWAP! Exchange food with those that want to share with you.
4.Take home some lovely stuff!

What do I bring?

All swap items must be home made, home grown or foraged by you: jams, honey, backyard eggs, vegetables, baked goods, fruit, herbs, pickled anything…

Get creative! This is an opportunity for you to share something you love to create and leave with an array of hand-crafted items from your neighbours!

You can bring as little or as much as you like.

Feel free to bring a combination of items (e.g. loaves of bread, jars of jam, fresh veg, boxes of eggs)

The more stuff you bring, the more you will go home with!

How do I package my goods?

All items should be bunched into swappable sizes.

Items to be swapped are:

“one for one”
1 jar of jam = 1 bunch of carrots = 1 box of eggs = 1 bottle of sauce

You want the amounts you are swapping to be clearly identifiable and you also want them to be protected from the handling involved in the swapping process.

We encourage using glass jars and other eco-friendly packaging, whether it be reusable or made from compostable materials.


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